About Me

Hi! I am Antonio Leal. Welcome to my website!

I was born (1986) and raised in Córdoba (Spain). I consider myself a friendly, open and proactive person.

As I have always loved Maths, Programming and Science, I started my career as a physicist at the University of Córdoba where I got my degree in 2011. In 2012 after finishing my Master degree in Intelligent Systems I moved to Barcelona (where I currently live) in order to obtain my Ph.D. in Physics.

At the beginning of my stay in Barcelona I met some people related to the videogame industry who encouraged me to use my programming skills, my strong mathematical knowledge and my passion for videogames in the development of games. So I did. I started to work with Unity and creating some prototypes, demos, and games while I was studying my Ph.D.

When I finished it, I did an internship at Corsegames S.L. as Unity3D/C# developer.

I am currently working as an Optical Designer at Servicevision Bis S.L., a company focused on TV/Cinema production market. However, my goal is to find a team where I can fulfill my wish of being a Unity3D/C# developer and where I can share and expand my knowledge and skills.

Feel free to visit the ‘Portfolio’ section of this site to check (and play) some of my games and prototypes. I hope you like them!


Antonio Leal.

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